Random Thoughts

November 20, 2011

1. When Claire is breastfeeding, she stops to look up at me every few minutes and smiles. Its my favorite.
2. Ava is kind of a stinker lately. A few weeks ago I could not find my drivers license anywhere. I searched my purse, the gym, the gym parking lot, Target parking lot, the car, Ava’s preschool, and our house. I found it in the toilet.
3. Claire has the brightest blue eyes. I never thought Patrick and I would have a blue-eyed child. I love it.
4. Working like crazy on my advent calendar. This is a project I started TWO years ago. I should have just bought it from pottery barn, but it is fun having a project and Ive enjoyed personalizing it. I’ll post pictures when I finish (hopefully by Dec 1!)
5. I’m so excited to go “home” for Christmas (Patrick doesn’t like it when I call Utah home…:)). We just bought our tickets and I could pack tonight! Its so fun being around people who love your children as much as you do!
6. I have thought several times this week it would be easier if Ava and Claire were closer in age so they could play. And then it has made me think we (I) should have another one soon. And then I have thought maybe not.
7. This is our first Thanksgiving away from family. It is bittersweet.
8. It just occurred to me I should do some type of “year update” post since I have never posted about Patrick graduating and our move.
9. I love my sister. She is one of my best friends.

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